Pre-application for Community Development Block Grant

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In the latest episode of Show and Shel, guests Stacy Davis with the Sumner County Economic Development Commission and Annarose White with the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce discuss the Housing Assessment Tool (HAT) committee that is a part of the Community Development Block Grant. For more information on the CDBG, read the following press release from the City of Wellington.

The City of Wellington, in partnership with Sumner County Economic Development Commission, is applying for a Community Development Block Grant for housing rehabilitation.

In January of 2017 the State of Kansas will be awarding Community Development Block Grants to cities in Kansas that are in need of housing rehabilitation. These federal funds are taxpayer’s monies being returned to communities. The City of Wellington is applying for $300,000 to be used on the rehabilitation of homes.

If awarded a Community Development Block Grant, the City of Wellington will offer housing rehabilitation assistance to qualifying low-to-moderate income households in a selected target area. To assist in determining this target area, we are requesting that interested citizens submit a pre-application for housing rehab in order to determine the area of most need and interest.

The City of Wellington intends to extend this offer to owner-occupied homes as well as rental and landlord-owned homes. Interested landlords will be required to contribute 25% of the rehabilitation costs unless they are also below the low-to-moderate income threshold.

Town hall meetings and public hearings will be taking place in the near future. Currently, we are soliciting pre-applications from citizens who may be interested in receiving a housing rehabilitation grant.

For more information please contact the Sumner County Economic Development Commission at (620) 326-8779 or stop by the SCEDC office at 123 N. Jefferson in Wellington to pick up a pre-application.  


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