Hanna Hawks Shares Her Golf Talents & More this Summer @ WGC!

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If you have been around the Wellington Golf Club this summer on Friday mornings, you've more than likely observed a group of young ladies working together to improve their skills and understanding of the game - a sight you may not have seen in the not-too-distant past.

The magnet for this weekly gathering of future female stars of the "links" is Ms. Hanna Hawks, daughter of Dr. Steve and Traci Hawks here in Wellington. Hanna will be a senior this coming school year @ Wichita Trinity and this summer, she is taking out time on Fridays to provide free golf lessons to 4th thru 9th grade girls here in Wellington and she is having a great time doing so.

Hanna's interest in golf goes way back but "serious interest" in the sport began at age 12 or so. After working on her skills for a year, she began entering tournaments - local, state, national and international and through those experiences has formed unique friendships worldwide, all through the game of golf. Those experiences and acquired skills have served Hanna well the past 3 years. As a freshman, Hanna finished 2nd at the State 4A Girls Golf Tournament, 6th her Sophomore year, and 1st this past year as a Junior. Hanna noted when she began playing, there were only 2-3 girls involved at the time. She was excited to see "18" out this past school year at Wellington Middle School. That increased interest inspired her to offer up the lessons this summer to..."keep them playing some while school is not in session." 

Hanna loves playing and teaching golf, "there's so much more to golf than just golf itself." Hanna shared that the sport teaches "patience and to think critically". Golf isn't a game that shows results immediately..."it takes time, it takes patience and it takes faith it will payoff in the end", Hanna emphasizes as she shares her goals with the younger golfers.

"There were times I wanted to quit but through God's faithfulness and my Christian beliefs, I was driven to continue on."

This summer Hanna has around a dozen girls or so participating. This week, some were on vacations with their families so couldn't attend. The group as a whole includes:

Kasiah Richmond, Elly DeJarnett, Olivia Smith, Ava Hawks, Mia Hawks, Karsyn White, Kadynce Aufdengarten, Natalie White, Evelyn Trafecanty, Charlotte Trafecanty, Addie Hinshaw, and Presley Cornejo. One can reasonably expect we will be hearing more about these young ladies over the next few years and their golfing prowess! That has actually already happened at the MS level!

I arrived for this interview, 20 minutes early and "Coach Hanna" was already there, preparing for the lessons that would begin at 10AM. She's a talented and well rounded young lady. A perfect role model and so generous to boot.

There's some learnin' goin' on at WGC this summer folks, some about golf, some about life...there's a lot to learn about both, from each...just ask Hanna. :)

Hanna will be playing golf and attending KU beginning in the Fall of 2020. Her "dream career" down the road Hanna says, "I want to attend dental school, and study pediatric dentistry - a dream career for me if I can make it happen." 

Dreams may not always come true, I'm thinkin' that one will though. Hanna Hawks, thank you for sharing your golf skills and driven outlook on life with a special group of young ladies. Good Luck to you in all of your future endeavors!


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